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Real estate recruitment - €200

costs associated with taking professional photos, Homestaging, negotiating with the client and determining the market value of the property

Tours – €50

travel costs, costs associated with the time spent inspecting the property with a potential buyer of the given property.

Real estate advertising – €5/day

Personal assistance – €20 for each hour started

the service provider has the right to charge compensation for the time spent with the client. If it is necessary to ensure something for the benefit of the client or if the client requests the personal presence / assistance of a real estate agent for any of the actions that are not separately charged as an action in this price list, the client is obliged pay the real estate agent compensation in the amount of €20/for each hour started.

Securing a document from the office/institution

If it is necessary to provide a document for the mediation (e.g. extract from the title deed, cadastral map, copy of the approval decision, confirmation of the apartment building administrator, etc.), the client is obliged to reimburse the real estate agent for the costs, which consist of:

1. Official (administrative) fee (e.g. €8 per LV) a

2. A lump sum of €30 as compensation for the time spent

3. Reimbursements for fuel in the amount of €0.80/km if the distance between the property and the office/institution issuing the document is more than 20 km.

Assistance to the forensic expert during the inspection of the property and preparation of documents for the preparation of an expert opinion - €50

Provision of a draft reservation contract (future purchase or future rental contract) – €150

Provision of a draft purchase agreement or a draft lease agreement – €150

Ensuring the drafting of a purchase contract or rental contract - €200

Ensuring the development of a donation contract - €200

Ensuring the development of the establishment of an easement – €200

Representation in the purchase of real estate - from €1,000 - depending on the complexity of the case

Valuation of the property price for the needs of inheritance proceedings - from €100, depending on the number of properties

Basic Homestaging - €300

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